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Custom Decorative Glass

Decorative Door Glass Inserts

The art and skill of creating custom decorative glass has evolved over centuries. The appeal of artistically inspired glass forms is timeless. Today, decorative glass continues to adorn residential and commercial edifices, from the suburban home to high-rise office buildings. Demand for greater perfection in form and function has resulted in innovation, refinement and the setting of high standards for decorative glass.

custom decorative glassSince 1977, Glass Unlimited has meticulously defined the process of crafting decorative glass inserts to meet the market trends. Designed by full-time artists/designers, our custom decorative glass incorporates skilled artistry, exceptional craftsmanship, and leading-edge technology. Glass Unlimited serves the building products industry with artfully designed decorative glass doors and decorative glass inserts to be used in windows, doors, room dividers, water features, cabinetry, and other venues. Below you will find a list of the custom glass we provide.

Digital Prints in Glass - Technology Meets Craftsmanship - Digital printing capability at Glass Unlimited delivers superior custom decorative glass products that take art glass to new and exciting levels. Photographic quality images are transferred seamlessly onto glass, creating designs that enhance decor in colors and patterns limited only by the imagination.

V-Grooving Unlimited - Transforming a plain panel of glass using the v-grooving method is a mastered skill at Glass Unlimited. Patterns and silhouettes, polished or unpolished, add depth and dimension to decorative door glass, windows, decorative glass inserts, and other architectural elements. Patented technologies create a variety of v-groove designs and tempered products.

Mirrored Glass Art - Featuring a one-of-a-kind process that transforms mirrored glass at the face and sub-surface level, Glass Unlimited reflects its heritage and experience in the sheer choice of designs, such as Zebra Print, PolkaDot, Princess, Damask and Traditional, to name a few. Create eclectic wall and floor coverings with this custom decorative glass.

The Resin Alternative - In a world becoming more conscious of the safety features and cost efficiency of products, resin stained glass is the clear choice. This strong monolithic product can be safely tempered in a glass panel, custom stained to specifications in a wide range of colors and designs, while also offering the benefits of higher energy efficiency and the beauty of the leaded look without straining the budget.

Screen Printed Glass Designs - Glass Unlimited offers ultimate durability in decorative glass inserts through its highly developed capabilities in art and screen printing. Ceramic frit pigments in a vast range of colors and shades are fired into the glass used in the panel, creating the frosted look of acid etched glass, without the environmental hazards.

Brilliance is reflected in every aspect of workmanship to which Glass Unlimited is committed. Contact us today if you are interested in our decorative glass inserts.