Ceramic Frit

Manufactured Ceramic Frit Glass

ceramic frit glass

  • Self-sufficient art and screen making capabilities
  • Printed glass panels up to 55" x 85" *for tempering purposes minimum size is 15" diagonal
  • Exemplary in-house color matching capabilities
  • Frameless Marker Boards

Impress the masses with custom ceramic frit glass from Glass Unlimited. Our ceramic frit glass is customized for commercial or residential use. You can use this glass in cabinetry or other fine furnishings, as walls, room dividers, doors, or windows. In commercial settings, picture this decorative architectural glass in corporate offices, houses of worship, retail stores, spas, healthcare facilities, and hotels or restaurants.

In upscale residences, you could imagine custom ceramic frit glass as inserts in kitchen or bath cabinetry, as dividing walls  and doors to any room you please, even as a complete exterior feature of the residence itself. There is no end to the possibility for the uses of ceramic frit to add elegance to a home or executive office.

Ceramic Frit and Frosted Glass Products - Made in USA

Permanent and Exterior Worthy
Our ceramic frit inks are permanent and come with a lifetime guarantee.  The ceramic frit is mixed with a pigment of your choice and then fired into the glass, making it a part of the glass panel itself.  With this process, we are able to create exquisite interior and exterior decorations for the door, architectural, and design industries.

Frosted Glass
Glass Unlimited, through our use of ceramic frit inks, is able to create frosted glass that looks like acid etched glass, but has different advantages that acid etched glass cannot offer.  Since the ceramic frit has become a part of the glass itself, it does not hold fingerprints or cleaning streaks as would acid etched glass, and is, therefore, able to maintain its beauty and design.  Printing with ceramic frit makes the design more durable than acid etched glass and since it is a water based ink, it is more environmentally friendly too! If you are looking for custom frit or frosted glass, choose Glass Unlimited as your expert glass manufacturer. Contact us today!