Resin Stained Glass (RSG)

Custom Stained Glass

Residential & Commercial Custom Stained Glass Manufacturer

Glass Unlimited produces custom stained glass that is environmentally friendly and economical with the look and texture of actual leaded glass. Glass Unlimited's creative procedure uses resin, a green product that uses less energy to produce than leaded glass, and is recyclable, too. With an infinite array of color matching options, Glass Unlimited's custom stained glass can save you money, get the design you want, and make a smaller impact on the Earth's environment.

stained glass manufacturerGlass Unlimited invites you to compare its custom stained glass (resin stained glass) to the look, weight, and texture of leaded stained glass made a century ago. Only a trained eye can tell the difference, even close up. Then compare the cost of resin stained glass to leaded stained glass. If staying within your design budget is as important as your decor, you're bound to choose Glass Unlimited as your custom stained glass manufacturer. Plus, since this product is plotted on one panel of glass, Glass Unlimited has the ability to temper the glass panel, making it a stronger, much safer product.

Choosing custom stained glass from Glass Unlimited means you get to choose the colors you want in your stained glass as well as your design. From deep hues to pastel tints to vivid inks, the only limit to custom stained glass from Glass Unlimited is your imagination.

Bring your design ideas and your color palette to Glass Unlimited and let's get started crafting your custom stained glass and while you're at it, you may be interested in our custom mirrored glass as well. Need more information? Contact us .