Screen Printed Glass

Custom Screen Printed Glass

  • Self-sufficient art and screen making capabilities

  • Variety of inks including fired ceramic frit, ADE, and UV

  • Printed glass panels up to 55" x 85"*
  • *For tempering purposes minimum size is 15" diagonal

  • Exemplary in-house color matching capabilities
  • Frameless Marker Boards

Screen Printed Glass Products - Made in USA

Glass Unlimited began as a pioneer in screen printing on glass and mirror, primarily for the furniture industry. Over the years GUI has evolved into the premier glass decorator for the building products industry; serving the door, window, architectural, cabinet and design industries.

Permanent and Exterior Worthy
Our ceramic frit inks are permanent and come with a lifetime guarantee. The ceramic frit is mixed with a pigment of your choice and then fired into the glass, making it a part of the glass panel itself. With this process, we are able to create a frosted glass that looks like acid etched glass, but is more durable and environmentally friendly too!

Frameless Marker Boards
Glass Unlimited’s screen printing technology has enabled the company to create these sleek, contemporary glass marker boards that will enhance any office setting, classroom or patient room. Unlike regular marker boards that can ghost and retain residue from the markers, our glass marker boards are sanitary, very easy to clean, and never ghost. From white and black boards with corporate or university logos, gridded boards for math professors, to patient boards for hospitals – we can do it all!